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20190822_160806_.pngYou'll get to know Paris at its best with a local guide. They live where they guide. They have a perfect knowledge of the area, the local language, and established customs. They are well-informed about the quality of services, which they can try and verify at any time. They stay up-to-date.

I'm Vierka, and as a local guide with a local license, I have the right to provide explanations even inside museums and galleries, not only in Paris. Don't worry; I will speak Slovak so that you can learn everything. I will save you a lot of time; I am sure about my way around museums, the city, and transportation.

I will show you the city in a way that you will literally immerse yourself in it. I will be for you like a family member or friend, revealing the secrets of the city in which I live. Forget guidebooks, fold the paper maps, ignite your curiosity, and choose what you want to do in Paris. And when hunger strikes, with me, you can have anything you fancy - not even a menu in French will stop us.


How to prepare for a trip to Paris:

Start by choosing a date that suits you and coordinate it with those who will accompany you.

Secure your flight and accommodation. If you need any recommendations, feel free to ask; I'd be happy to help.

I'll plan the itinerary for you, but if you have any specific priorities, let me know so I can meet your expectations as best as possible. I'm looking forward to welcoming you!

"Paris is everything you want it to be. You can have fun there, you can get bored, laugh, cry. You can do everything that brings you joy, and no one will even look at you. That's because there are thousands doing it like you, and each in their own way," said Frédéric Chopin.


Top 10 monuments by me